Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers Month 2 Purchases

Month one is over and done.  Onto purchases for this month!

For Month one I picked up the Bayou Boss box set ($36) and a box of Slop Haulers ($12).  I have $12 left over from this.

With Month two's $25, I have a total of $37 to spend.  I've selected:

Bayou Gremlins - $15.75

The more the merrier! So'mer is a total frat boy, he loves his bros.  Always handy, even without Lenny every Bayou Gremlin gets their one turn of glory.

Burt Jebsen - $8

This guy is nasty.  He's gone on a rampage in both games I've played him in.  With reckless he's lethal in combat.  With his Slippery ability I can keep him near a Bayou Gremlin or two to absorb any hits I don't want him to take.  Plus, with his defensive trigger, with a decent Ram or two, I can do a good amount of damage to anyone who misses me.

Pigapult - $22.50

What's not to love?  Flinging the newly created bros left and right is handy in many scheme pools.  Paired up with Lenny and the proper "Do it like dis!" from So'mer, I can summon out 2 piglets a turn for ammo!

This means I'm $9.25 over budget this month, which I will steal from next month's $25.

Got my first game in this month against Alex's Shenlong.  I lost 9-8.  Check out his sweet batrep!

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